Final Blog Post

Dear people of the World,

It is the end of the year and it means the end of year 6 which means the final ever blog post. Year 6 has been a delightful ride with fun and challenging tasks. Some of my favourite highlights of the year have been…

– Participating in leadership roles/ being a part of the Rose Tech Crew

– Having a new and bright classroom/furniture

– Making new friends

– Passion projects

– Year 6 formal

– Having Mrs T as a teacher

These are a few highlights of year 6. Year 6 has contributed to fabulous traits and has made me learn a few things about myself like…

– Maths actually being fun!

Year 6 has contributed to my perspective of things and I have had the best year and I will never forget Mrs T and 6T.

Fishing for Art

Hello people of the World,

In the past weeks of school we have been doing the global read aloud challenge this means we have to read a book and the book is called fish by LS Matthews. In art we have been doing fish drawings and printing them in ink because of out story Fish. This art has been particularly fun because we have learnt how to print and develop our drawing skills.

The process of our printed fishes has been:

1. Drawing a fish on a piece of A4 paper.

2. Cutting out the outline of our fish.

3. Using the outline to draw our fish on a foam board.

4. Rolling ink on our foam board drawings and then flattening the drawings on different types of paper or coloured paper to print our fishes.

This is what the process was for our fishes. This is the different types of designs through our process. Look down below for the picture.

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 2.20.42 pm

Stayed tuned for more posts.


Raise your voice

Hello people of the World,

This past week on October the 16th it was blog action day. Blog action day is when people from all over the World write a post about a set topic. This year the topic is ‘Raise Your Voice’. I have decided to raise my voice about Mining. Why is mining the most popular option of energy, when it is very harmful to us and the environment?

I think that mining is a very important issue as it is polluting our World and  not only in Australia but all over the World. For example in America only nine percent of Americans generate their energy by using renewable sources, while the other ninety one percent is generating their energy from from coal burning power plants. These results of people relying on mining for coal are damaging our planet and don’t forget the other one hundred and ninety six countries that are mainly relying on mining as well!!!

The mining industry has literally moved mountains to gain access to these massive coal stores, which has created some pretty serious problems on land. While there are many reasons that the coal industry should be abolished, here are just a few to get you started.

1.Water Pollution 

Water that mixes with coal and other rocks during the mining process takes on toxic levels of heavy metals and minerals. According to Scientific research, “Toxic water leaks out of abandoned mines to contaminate groundwater, streams, soil, plants, animals and humans.”

2. Air Pollution

In America after gases escape from the mine shaft according to a study done by Earth Justice, coal mining releases ten percent of all methane emissions, one thousand, seven hundred and ninety tons of VOCs  a year, and more nitrogen dioxide than can be produced by 1.12 million cars. Keep in mind these figures do not take into account the pollution associated with burning coal.

After a few insights of how mining is bad to our planet, you can also make a difference to this issue.

Speak up for what you think is right.

Raise your Voice

Keep tuned for more posts,


Scoring for my goal

Hello people of the World,

Earlier this term I set myself a SMART learning goal to be more confident and participate more in class discussions.

I think this goal was more successful than my term two goal as I also had the reminder in my head to speak up more in class. I think my goal was completed in a average percentage and I could of made more of a effort. I think the goal was difficult as I am not the most confident child in the year but I always had to think and be the risk-taker I know I can be, otherwise I think my goal has made me a bit more of a confident girl which is what I wanted the outcome to be.

Stay tuned


Jeffrey Smart Artwork

Hello people of the World,

In the past couple of weeks for art we have been looking at some of Jeffrey Smarts artworks. In this unit we have been looking at his technique. Down below you will see that in class we have made up two lists of what techniques he uses and what he paints.

  Techniques                                             What he paints                                  

Primary colours                                              1. Transport                                     

Foreground – primary colours                     2. Man made things

Some curves                                                    3. Urban environment

Angles                                                               4. Geometric shapes

Detail                                                                 5. Signs 

Shading                                                             6. Grey skies

Shadow                                                              7. Ordinary places

Light / Dark contrast                                     8. Patterns 

Sometimes abstract                                        9. Shadow 

Interesting colour choices                            10. Lonely- isolated and many more things. 

Blends colours, shades                                  


In one of our art classes we borrowed Ipads to takes some pictures of what we thought is a Jeffrey Smart photo. Down below you will see my photo that I have edited and fixed on photo shop.

Rubbish collection small


I think this photo that I made is Jeffrey Smart because it uses primary colours, has a grey sky, has a light and dark contrast, has man made things and has many more technical Jeffrey Smart designs.

I hope you liked my photo shop photo and my post.

Stay tuned


Newcastle Earthquake Imovie 1989

Hello people of the World,

This term in Unit of Inquiry, we have been looking at the topic, “Sharing the Planet.” This unit involved research on the inside of the Earth, what are the layers in the Earth and how changes to the Earth disrupt living things.

During our unit, one of our tasks was to compose a news report on a earthquake,volcano or tsunamis of our choice. This report had to include the cause, impact and response, including a glossary and bibliography made by us.

I choose the Newcastle Earthquake that struck in 1989. Here are the stages it took:

1. Research- Find information, pictures and resources that help your earthquake.

2.Create- Create a script, glossary and bibliography with all the information that I found.

3. Filming- Film my movie in front of a green screen background.

4.Editing- Edit my movie using the green screen affect on Imovie.

5. Rendering- Rendering my Imovie and uploading it into YouTube.

6. Uploading- Uploading it to my blog so you can see!

Down below is my full rendered video, here it is:

Stay tuned


Chapter seven

Hello people of the World,

Today I will be continuing on with my last chapter of the Choose your own Adventure story. Last week Casey packed her bags and went to the New York airport ready to fly back to Australia but David arrived to say that she was allowed to come back for the third trial and she had to hop in the car to find… I gave you two options and the most popular option you voted for was were her own family was in the car. Here is my continued story:

As one foot hopped in the car after the other, as one eye blinked before the other and as one heart blossomed with the delightful sensation, my eyes watered up – not only David had sacrificed his time for me but that my parents were sitting in front of me from halfway around the globe!!! I was so happy and I had not realised how much I had missed them, my body was shaking with energy and I was itching to play some soccer in front of them to show my improvements. As the sun was setting we drove off into the distance and I was feeling renewed and hopeful.

The next morning went in a flash and we were already hopping in the car to leave for the trials. A million thoughts ran through my mind – would my ankle be Ok, would I impress the selectors, would I play my best and make the most of my opportunities. This is it, the moment I have been waiting for. This could open the door to amazing opportunities and I have to be open-minded and calm just like I learnt from David. I felt like I was the only person in the World, my day dreams whisked me away. The reality of the day dreams soon became true, the car stopped and my mum opened the car door and hopped out of the car as we had reached our destination. No one could stop me now. I marched out on the field like I was a very important person, well actually I am!!! Anyway no one is going to get past me in these trials. No one at all.

As a couple of hours flew by I was marching off the field feeling like I had played my absolute best in those trials and my ankle had not given me that many problems – not enough to stop me today. The Beckhams and my parents said they were proud of my performance, there wasn’t anything else I could do except wait. I was now  focused on hearing my results. Ten minutes later seemed to take forever and we could see the selectors in deep conversation, then the managers of the trials gathered to announce who had made the team. As my heart was pumping twenty four hours a minute I realised they had just called my name. The delightful sensation was back again. Everything seemed right. The Beckham’s and my family jumping up and down with excitement, the feeling of getting to stay in New York for more competitions and training with my new team and my very own family and the brand new kit I got given for making the selective team. Nothing could be better.

Thank you for reading my Adventure story and I hope you liked my story.

Stay tuned


Chapter six

Hello people of the World,

Today I will be continuing on with my choose your own adventure story chapter six. Last week Casey sprained her ankle and was not allowed to go to the second cut of the trials. I gave you three options on what Victoria said Casey had to do and the most popular option was for Casey to leave New York and fly back to Australia. Here is chapter six:

As Victoria sat down next to me her warmth of her whisper darkened my soul as she said that the manager of the trials would not let me skip round two of the trials and that it was time to go home. Silence. Dead silence. Eyes were greeted by tears running down faces as the Beckham family hugged me with love. David picked me up and took me to my bedroom as I couldn’t hop up the stairs on my bad ankle. Even the sound of the shoes in the house seemed sad. I looked at what had been my room for such a short time, sad and frustrated and started the terrible job of packing up to go home.

I hobbled down the stairs and I am amazed and uplifted by the affection and support that the Beckham family gave me. As David was shutting the door for me to leave he handed me a vibrant soccer headband and whispered “Wear this at any trials you face, it was my good luck headband and now I want you to have it” he hugged me one last time as he said good bye and shut the door behind me.

I sat at the airport in a daze – I really should be proud of doing well in the first trial but it was hard to think like that. I realised I had been sitting in the airport for hours already. As I looked around I felt lonely as every other person had someone to chat to or had their family beside them. Bored. Bored was what I felt, bored and sad. As they finally called my flight to board I heard gasping and shouting from behind. I turned around to find David calling my name. I charged over like a herd of cows forgetting my sore ankle and in my surprise finding it felt a bit better – David had been using his influence and I was accepted to go to the third cut of the trials!!!

I got in the car to find many more exciting things.

Please vote down below on what way you want the story to continue for next week:

1. As well as the Beckham family in the car Casey’s own family is in the car as well.

2. Casey finds new soccer boots that David bought for her as a present.

Stay tuned


Chapter five

Hello people of the World,

This week I will be continuing on with my Choose your own Adventure story chapter five. Last week Casey attended the first cut of the soccer trials for the elite soccer team. The most popular option was number one which is where she makes the second cut for the trials. Here is my fifth chapter:

I opened my eyes to find that the sun had crept in the gaps of the blinds. I hastily ran down the stairs to find their were no results on the internet. I helped myself to breakfast as I realized there was no commotion around the table or shouting for their favourite cereal or even the smell of bacon and eggs roaming the house! I stopped to find there was no noise at all, I dashed down the corridor to see I was totally abandoned in this huge house. I opened the door to query if they were outside as I tumbled down the stairs to awkwardly land on my ankle. “Ouch” I screamed with agony as my ankle dreaded with pain. Tears flowed down my face as the wind whistled by. I crawled inside with my ankle curled up in my hand, my tears flowing in pain and my family nowhere to be seen. What did I do wrong? As I pondered over the thought my eyes drifted to sleep forgetting about the trouble this could cause.

My eyes fluttered open to find myself with my family and a doctor around me. David said “it’s all going to be okay, do not worry.” My mind flicked on as I wondered how did he know? I asked and his response was “one of our neighbours saw the incident.” I felt embarrassed, shy and uncomfortable to know someone saw what happened. As the doctor was leaving he advised David if I make it into the second cut I will not be able to play. My heart sunk, the world was now dark and cold, as tears broke their way through my eyes. Victoria entered the room to happily announce I had made it into the second cut. The wonderful emotions exited my body as they were covered with grief. No trials, no team, my chance was over. I ran to my room as I started packing to leave. As I was packing I was distracted by yelling, I stood up crept down the stairs and found myself hearing relief. Victoria silently sat next to me on the stairs as she whispered…

Please vote down below on what way you want the story to go for chapter six.

1. Victoria whispers that David just got off the phone to the manager of the trials and they are letting Casey come to the third cut.

2. Victoria whispers that you are leaving New York today and flying back to Australia.

3. Victoria whispers that you should forget about your ankle and play some games outside with the family.

Keep tuned


Chapter four

Hello people of the World,

Today I am continuing on with my Choose your Own Adventure story. Last week Casey arrived at the New York airport to discover David Beckham and his family were her sponsor family. Out of all the votes number one was the most popular were David and Casey have a one on one training session to prepare for the trials, here is my fourth chapter down below:

As the car swiftly stopped Victoria winked at David as he carried me to the foot path as the limousine drove off. A mammoth shadow hung over me as David guided me into a huge soccer stadium. As many emotions travelled through my body David got greeted by many people, his hand grabbed mine as he walked me to reception. Mumbling words under his breath David left me with reception and walked into the men’s change room with a kit bag. The training session was one of the most amazing experiences and I feel so privileged to have this opportunity – even though I am very jet-lagged I am determined to impress David and make the most of my opportunities.

In the blink of an eye I had been doing a one-on-one training session with David Beckham! sleeping in his house! And sharing a room with his daughter. That night I laid in bed anxiously thinking about the trials tomorrow afternoon but also about my amazing first day.

The sun rises, the birds sing and the smell of fresh eggs linger the house.

As the day flew by we hopped in the car to travel to the trials. The delicious aftertaste of breakfast travelled through my body as I bounced out of the car to warm-up for the trials. The muscly girls all lined up, they look shocked to see who had delivered me to the trials but that doesn’t stop them pushing me to get to the front of the line. As David waved good luck my heart pounded like a ball getting smashed on the surface of my body as I started to shiver with scariness.

My mind twirled around as David complemented me with his amazing thoughts as he thought that I played so well that I should already be in the team, we drove off as the night sky covered the blue as I awaited to hear my results.

Please vote down below on what way you want the story to go next week for chapter five.

  1. Casey makes it into the second cut for the trials.
  2. Casey doesn’t make it into the second cut for the trials.
  3. Casey sprains her ankle when she hops out of the car arriving home.